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Seacoast Trimlight

Made For Celebrating Life's Moments

Welcome to our site.  We are happy to introduce a new product to the New England Seacoast.  Trimlight is the original inventor and patent holder of permanent holiday and year round lighting solutions. They have been been in business for 13 years and are the most experienced in the industry. Trimlight has the best pricing, design, customer service, and an amazing LIFETIME product warranty!  All together giving you the best value in the industry.

Your Leading Permanent Holiday and Outdoor Lighting Company

Trimlight is a permanent, programmable holiday lighting system that gives customers the ability to celebrate every holiday or special event throughout the year.  Trimlight provides bright, beautiful lighting at night, which is hardly noticeable during the day and stays up permanently.  You never have to worry about hanging temporary lights again! The lights are held in a channel installed along the roofline, matching the color of your home. The channel holds the lights securely in place and hides the wires completely from view while also protecting the lights from UV damage and adding architectural beauty.

User Friendly App

  • Fully customizable, 16 million color options

  • Comes with preset holiday patterns

  • 180 pre-programmed patterns & animations

  • Ability to save & name your own patterns

  • Programmable timer & calendar functions for daily, monthly or yearly events. Set it and forget it!!

  • Cloud-based! Connect anywhere in the world!

Music Capability

  • Lights can dance to your music

Alexa & Google Home Compatible

  • Simply ask Alexa or Google to turn your Trimlight system on/off or set to specific colors

Beautifull & Bright

  • Highest Quality LED's Rated to Last 20-30 Years

  • Last 10x longer than Temporary Lighting

  • Uses 1/10th of the energy

  • Bulbs are waterproof & designed to withstand adverse weather conditions

Accent & Security

  • customizable colors and patterns  to improve visibilty

Best Channel Design

  • Channel that matches the color of your home

  • Adds architectural beauty

  • Minimizes UV damage to components

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Residential Trimlight

DSC_3987 downlights.jpeg

Down Lights

230427 10354 BIRCH COVE CEDAR HILLS-220 underdeck.jpg

Globe Lights

IMG_1632 comercial service department.PNG

Commercial Applications

Trust Trimlight With Your Most Valuable Asset - Your Home!


188 South Road
Kensington, NH 03833

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